2022 GEDC Industry Forum WEBINAR

State of the art in university–industry relations to prepare the engineer of the future

Hosted by Andrea Belz, Vice Dean for Transformational Initiatives at USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Discovery and Innovation

Universities and industry partners bring distinct objectives and capabilities to research consortia. While these relationships offer the intrinsic opportunity to leverage research for societal and stakeholder benefit, outcomes often sadly lag expectations. The recent pandemic demonstrated both the need and the possibility for alternative approaches to generating impact. This webinar will explore these challenges and the associated new opportunities for reinvention.

Andrea Belz, Vice Dean for Transformative Initiatives at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, will be joined by panelists with global expertise in university-industry partnerships for a candid conversation on this important topic.

Wednesday 12 October 2022
13:00-14:00 UTC

Join us in Cape Town, South Africa for the 2022 GEDC Industry Forum Dean & Industry Design Workshop.

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