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25th March 2021

Innovation and Digitalisation in Engineering Education

Coursera Executive Forum  - GEDC Industry Forum

Event Highlights


During the event, we explored the digital strategy of a leading engineering school in Africa whose ambition to become a talent hub for the continent is being enabled by online learning; innovations for student-centered online delivery including lab and project work; and the inclusion of interdisciplinary learning. Participants discussed a range of questions including the challenges of accreditation when redesigning your engineering programs, and the importance of leveraging industry related activities to observe what skills engineering employers are going to need in the future.


Saber Darmoul  - GEDC Industry Forum
Ghita Lahlou  - GEDC Industry Forum
Mike Howard  - GEDC Industry Forum

Saber Darmoul

Ghita Lahlou

Mike Howard

Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering,
École Centrale Casablanca, Morocco

École Centrale Casablanca, Morocco

Partnerships Director,
Coursera for Campus, EMEA

LinkedIn ico  - GEDC Industry Forum
LinkedIn ico  - GEDC Industry Forum
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Kirsten Williamson  - GEDC Industry Forum
Geraldine Corrales

Hosted by Kirsten Williamson

Géraldine Corrales

CEO, Petrus and
Co-Chair, Global Engineering Deans Council Industry Forum

Director of Product Management,

LinkedIn ico  - GEDC Industry Forum
LinkedIn ico  - GEDC Industry Forum
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